Eric Hekler
Assistant Professor
School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Arizona State University

twitter: @ehekler

School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Arizona State University
500 N. Third St.
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Ph. (602) 827-2271

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Peer-Reviewed Publications from Conferences

Hekler, E.B., King, A.C., Banerjee, B., Robinson, T. Alonso, M., Cirimele, J., Buman, M.P., Chen, F.X. (2011, May). A case study of BSUED: Behavioral science-informed user experience design. Published & Presented via the Personal Informatics & HCI: Design, Theory & Social Implications Workshop, at the ACM-CHI Conference. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Peer-reviewed Book-Chapters And Invited Paper Responses

Norman, G.J., Kolodziejczyk, J., Hekler, E.B., Ramirez, E.R., (in press). Methods for delivering physical activity messages. In Nigg, C.R. (Ed), ACSM’s Behavioral Aspects of Exercise. Philadephia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers.

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Prospective Students
I am looking for undergraduate and graduate students interested in on how technology, social interactions, and the built environment can be used to promote physical activity and healthful eating and on how best to speed the pace of scientific discovery and translation to impact public health. If this interests you, contact me to discuss mutual interests.